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I am emotionally spent and I have no gold to spend,
this does not make me broken.
I use spoken words to provoke verses,
an overture of my vices and sin played over my intents.
righteous men tempted by violence and violins,
I can't tell when I'm right or wrong when I vent.
so I hold it in,
my voice fades to background noises, the walls close in
there's nothing to sing about,
i'm surrounded by boys that don't know how to be men
my sheets drip over an ocean,
falling in, i don't sink or swim
you might think it's nice,
but I need heat or ice to feel alive again
ride the western winds past the horizon,
born to wise men in divine crypts,
I was one of the worlds premier scientists
first line of defense against seemingly lifeless men,
a single bite infects the mind,
it's not quite dying but you'll never shine again
governed by a collective hive,
there's no protection and nowhere to hide
the only cure is to fight
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