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I remember going through an old hard drive a couple months ago when this thread was posted and having a look at the different versions of the track I had from back in the day.

I came across 3 versions and if this isn't what you have been listening to I'll post them up if Cilvaringz doesn't come through soon if you want them. I don't have a version that seems like it's from the radio, although I could be mistaken.

All these versions seem to be from an unofficial mixtapes.

Cilvaringz ft. Rza & Barrakjudah - Ninja Starz (Original) (2001) [Length: 2:21 | Put together like a Single with some Spanish Hip Hop All Starz album cover lmao; Best quality version I have though] - 192kbps

Cilvaringz - 08-Ninja Starz (feat. Rza & Barakjudah) [Album: Deja Wu | Length: 2:21 | Year: 2002] - 192kbps

Cilvaringz - 21-cilvaringz-ninja_starz-lcn [Album: Killa B Ching | Length: 3:35 | Year: 2003] - 192kbps - Cuts out at the end and goes into some female interlude

I always loved this track, so I'm glad this thread made me dig it up.

Sorry Cilvaringz, Soulseek days...

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