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hit the lab zipping caffeine to stimulate the senses
no remorse jump out the trojan horse swinging swordz
with the machete blade get your scalp flade
iron fist knuckle up catch a death blow to the rib cage
spewing blood and guts out your esophagus
mind state is too monsterous lungz collapse loosing oxygen
as you overshadowed by a death trap in-box you in
create a 1000 bastardz with these disasterous torcher methods
mastered trust you dont want none with precision get the job done
burning sun the smoking gun of the chosen one shogun assasin
pillage your sector perfect dartzman skull collector
this aint a video game boy A. bash in your brain with
no regards for life when it comes to rocking mics
DonCarreon spitz the hardest too late to retreat the warz been started
best to pay the toll to the death goddess fucking with these rap bosses
top dog come equipped the blood drizzle drip ABOVE the livest
trip over live wire none survive this
get left defenseless shell shocked like electric fences
roll the streets strap on my lap windows tinted
should of never flinched too swift took his soul before he even squinted
stiched those lips sealed without a chance to spit it fucking finished
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