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Biz - haha, come on now. ALot of these tracks stuck in my head like a mini e.p though!

Jigsaw - Easy buddy, I'm going to be rhyming till I'm 100!
Get a job? I always worked full time Jig. I have a 10 year work history on my resume. CUrrently I'm a full time
College student and pay bills. I got my own crib
and all that. Watch what you say man. I'm all for work
outside rap, and I I too don't respect artists
that don't make money. Show some respect! Or leave
Crumple topics alone. They may not be built for you.

Pai - I had like one drink in that video. I haven't
had a drop of alcohol since March. Haven't smoked
ciggs since Nov 2012.

Main - see above, I don't fuck with drugs. I was talking
to Riff Raff's Manager when he was in toronto.
I don't have Riff Raff loot just now to spare.

Check - Awww man! Thanks so much fam! I appreciate that like crazy!

Masked - Thank you, it was just a fun freestyle session.
I'm proud I still have such a passion for rap after
making 12 albums!

Keep sharing the video guys! I want to get it to at least 500 views in a month!
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