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Default Re: worst sexual incounters

Originally Posted by Knok-A-Fella
this one happened to me about hour ago

i was wif a chik (we are fuk buddies) gettin down to bizniz now
were in her bedroom about 30 minutes later im feelin the time is near so
i put her on her knees and bust one on her face as im unloadin my protein shake on her face
her big bruva comes stormin into the room
as u cn imagine once u started bustin one u cant stop so im lookin at him with my dik on his lil sisters face
he starts screamin and shit and im jus laughin in his face with his lil sisters munchin on my dik
cos she didnt know he was there so she was still sukin dik and then wen she turned around to c wot i was laughin at
she stopped sukin and choked cos she jus swallowed a whole load and was sik on the carpet infront of her bruv

its not really my worst but its fukin as hell

Bless, 1
I think that'd be awesome for you IMO
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