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Prod - I've done alot on my own, but a deal
would be good.

J - I don't do coke.

Jig - Or someone may attack you in real life.
You don't know me, and you're being disrespectful. What if you say something
off to someone in reality? They may not
be as tolerant.

You're right, I am a bit dissapointed that I don't have a bigger fanbase. I do have one though, and they do
buy my cds and digital albums. It's tough, but I remind
myself about the main reason I rap - to express myself
, to create my art that comes from me, to inspire others
and to stay out of trouble. Yes, fans have emailed me
telling me how I inspire them, and it's a good feeling.

I'm from Toronto, Canada. I have fans approach me
in public several times.

That girl is a friend, she's a musician as well.

Let me ask you something Jig - what are you doing in life
not as in work but something you feel is your calling?

If it's work, that's cool. Answer that please and thank you.
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