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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
no matter how much hate comes at this guy..he never gets outta character and gets defensive..say what u want about dude but he is built for this game..he has the kinda thick skin some of your fav big time rappers I know don't...for that reason alone..I'll always support the god crumple
He already got defensive. People should except the fact everyone isn't gonna like their music. It's a bigger problem than this, no artist can take it nowadays.

I listened the Copywrite diss and couple of other tracks, he's not like unlistenable like Pro The Leader or anything. But to come a bigger artist, he needs to exercise a lot. The mumbling flow isn't gonna appeal to any audience. And this is not an opinion, it's a fact, cause otherwise he would already be signed and make big money.

Also the shouting and voice changing doesn't make him sound hard, that just sounds forced. You don't have to do bullshit music to try to maximize your full potential and try to grasp as many listeners as possible, from the segment you're trying to appeal to.

In this case, artist like Necro, Ill Bill, Madchild etc. are his competitors.

The last one is to Admiral Crumple himself:

I read what I wrote, I came too hard on you, and it was unreasonable. I'm gonna give you an advice, I already wrote some of it earlier. It comes from a professional producer, who makes beats for rappers, r&b musicians, pop bands and whatever. They are not "real" music, as it comes to internet standards, but he gets money.

I posted your tracks to him, and he said that if you would start rapping with your speaking voice, the voice thing wouldn't sound forced. Cause it also takes away some of your ability to flow, cause while you record, your focus is in changing your voice.

He also said that he could manage you easily, cause there's kind of an empty plot, since eminem starts to age (this is not said sarcastically), and contenders like Mac Miller are prbably going to get their 15 minutes and vanish. Cause they are generic and can't have true longevity. And it's also not a racial comment, if it may seem like one. There are same rules in music business for everyone.

I gotta second what he said, you would sound doper with your normal voice, cause that would free the ability to flow. Hard and well written line, intimidates more even if whispered, than forced voice change and semi-shouting.

Here's the credits, who my friend has worked with:
Justin Bieber, Akon, Pitbull, Sean Kingston, 50 Cent, Inna, Wisin Y Yandel, French Montana, Twista, Jadakiss, Three Six Mafia, JR Rotem, Jim Jonsin, The Jackie Boyz, Christina Milian, Frankie Storm.

Doper Crumple gets, I'm gonna post more tracks for this guy and some others, cause he's epicly busy all the time. If he's gonna take the 30 min from his day in the studio, to just listen some Canadian guy he does't know nothing about, there's propably some real reason.

Edited part:

Take this part out of the youtube video:

Story - Copywrite disrespected me out of the blue on twitter. I've never talked to him or mentioned him in my life. Him and a fan were going back and forth just talking thrash about me. I messaged Copywrite and asked him why he was dissing me. He never responded. I asked him again, just trying to understand his logic. He didn't reply, so I made this track for the fun of rap. I'm a fan of Copywrite anyways. In the end he replied, we both squased it and it's all peace. I wish him the best in his rap career, and mine as well!

Buy Admiral Crumple and Copywrite music online

You should never start "hugging" people that dissed you, also don't apologize in diss songs. It's not good for your image as an artist.
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Originally Posted by gamefacekillah View Post
12 reasons fukkin miders keynote soeaker
Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
Rofl at cilva not being considered a killa bee.

RZAs going to take away his wu badge and gun.

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