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Jig - So you've killed someone? If so that can't be good.
If you've been in a lot of fights, that can't be good either.
I've hardly been in any fights. I had to kick the shit out
of someone one time and felt high, but guilt afterwords.

It's cool you wish me success in this biz, you can start by not calling me names,

Well if rap isn't your calling what is? Because here's the thing,
you came off trying to diss me and I'm pursuing my dream.

it's usually the mediocre people who arenít pursuing there's that attempt to bring others down.

madchild is successful, but he had a pill addiction like em. success to me is more then money - it's health #1, and Iím grateful Iím in optimal health!

Radio - Thanks homie, I appreciate that. I still have 3 main goals in this game 1. Grammy Award for something Rap related 2. Cover of Rolling Stone by myself 3. Perform on SNL 4. Have 50,000 loyal fans. That's all I want. and I want it bad!

Jig - I don't feel I got defensive. I merely tried to understand your point and expressed mine. I never dissed you. You dissed me. I never called you any names.

About my voice, you gotta understand I started out with my speaking voice, but cats from my hood kept saying it lacked energy. SO I switched it up. Then I noticed my voice switch.
I always ask what tracks my fans like - and off those tracks I see how I used my voice and now I've got it - and that's what I;m gonna follow - cause hey, they buy my records, they put me on to others, and they love me Who are you? Have you won a Grammy?

Your boy sounds interesting, but what am I to do? I ain't holding my breath for a record deal. Over the last ten years
I've seen this kind of offers. People get signed so what?

The rap game is a scary place to be in. I am educated, and I'm currently studying Law sharpening up even more.

Rappers I looked up to can't even fucking spell on twitter and face book it';s embarrassing!!

I will see what I can take off your friends advice. But you gotta know as an artist for over 10 years - I've already experimented with my voice tonnes...then I have fans that scream I love your voice!! Based on my Merk you track - so naturally I listen to them first!

And the thing with me apologizing to Copy?
Sure, I can see how you think that\s not a good look.

Adversarialism Yes of course, most of the world thinks in terms of win and lose.

You wanna know what I've seen in real life cause of that way of thinking?

Families being dragged to court for years over resentments!
Wasted money, wasted time, wasted, lives, wasted talents.

I follow Christ's teachings - I forgive. Simple.

It's very powerful, if you don't understand now, you may when your 87 lol

Regardless. Thank you for posting my work for others to hear I appreciate that. Also it seems you're intelligent and love hip hop so I respect that.

The main outcome I want for this post is still 500 views for this new vid though!
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