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Originally Posted by Face of the Golden Falcon View Post
I'm going to write some things as they come to me and see where it goes. I'm not saying it will be the final say on all this but I'll see if I can piece some things together as I go.

If I'm after a Celestial Luminaries/Chakra System correspondence I'm running with the Chaldean order, which goes like this.


Which means:

Saturn - Crown
Jupiter - 3rd Eye
Mars - Throat
Sun - Heart
Venus - Solar Plexus
Mercury - Sacral
Moon - Base

The reason I would run with the Chaldean is mainly because it compliments the Tree of Life in its correspondence, i.e.

Amen/Ain Soph (0 sphere, that which is beyond) Ausar/Kether (1st sphere) and Tehuti/Chokma (2nd sphere) have no corresponding Luminary traditionally. Although the second sphere is said to correspond with the Zodiac. (which we will look at in a bit)

Saturn is Sekher/Binah (3rd sphere)
Jupiter is Maat/Chesed (4th sphere)
Mars is Herukhuti/Gebarah (5th sphere)
Sun is Heru/Tiphereth (6th sphere)
Venus is Het Heru/Netzach (7th sphere)
Mercury is Sebek/Hod (8th sphere)
Moon is Auset/Yesod (9th sphere)

Earth/Geb/Malkuth (10th sphere) lies below.

The Zodiac and their corresponding body section and Luminary ruler.

Aries - The Head - Mars
Taurus - The Neck - Venus
Gemini - Arms, Shoulders - Mercury
Cancer - Chest - Moon
Leo - The Heart - Sun
Virgo - Digestive system - Mercury
Libra - Kidneys - Venus
Scorpio - Reproductive system - Mars (Pluto in the Modern)
Sagittarius - Hips, Thighs - Jupiter
Capricorn - Knees - Saturn
Aquarius - Ankles - Saturn (Uranus in the Modern)
Pisces - Feet - Jupiter (Neptune in the Modern)

That is a very basic over view of the Zodiacal correspondence and I'm thinking that it should only be applied to the physical (in traditional sense of the word) body.

One thing that I will point out is that in all those systems (even the one you posted Lord) is that the Heart corresponds with the Sun. So I will address why I agree with that.

The Sun is the Heart/middle of the Solar System. The Heart/Sun sits in middle of the Chakra system and the Tree of Life system. The Chaldean planetary order has the Sun in the middle and in the Zodiacal correspondence the Sun rules Leo which rules the heart (this is where the term "Lionheart" comes from).

Again it must be understood that the other Luminaries receive their power from the Sun. The Suns electromagnetic spectrum is "filtered" (for lack of a better word) through the particular Luminary to bring forth a particular archetypal energy.

This same process happens in the Human Being. When the hearts electromagnetic field (which is much stronger than the brains which aligns with the Sun/Heart correspondence) is filtered through the different chakra centres.

It helps to think of things less Hierarchically. Hierarchy doesn't really exist when it comes to a properly functioning, living system like the universe and the microcosmic systems there in.

Many people think about the Chakra system or the Tree of Life system as way to raise from the lower to the higher. The point though is to have consciousness emanate all the so-called levels of existence. Degrees have no superiority of importance because if any one of them is forgotten then the whole ceases to exist.

In the same way the Heart powers the human Chakra system like the Sun powers the Solar system.

Witness the poetry of this macrocosmic/microcosmic marriage.

The Sun's light is taken in by the Trees through photosynthesis during the process of which oxygen is released. We breath that oxygen (sunlight!) into us which ignites our inner sun, our heart, which then sends the sunlight through out the rest of the physical body. I suspect this happens in some way or another on a deeper level with the chakra system and electromagnetism.

This to me is Yahweh (The Sun) breathing into man the breath of life which is sustained for us by the Tree's (Tree of Life which sustained all life in the Garden of Earth i.e. the MIDGARD, MIDDLE GARDEN, THE HEART!)

I'm probably digressing here. I'll stop before this post gets out of hand and come back to it later on.
i'm trying to get into a better mind state before i build further on this
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