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Jig - 20,000 views in 2 days sounds like it was paid for.
My views are all legit, never paid once.

Biz - I saw Raewon just last week again.

Gza - I checked your music and was excited as fuck!
It reminded me of old Jedi Mind Tricks. Then
I heard illuminati Conspiracy theory talk and was like
great, now I'm worried for you. I hope
you take responsibility for your actions in life.

Main - I want to make it to Jay Z status. He is really
looing to be the Goat. Never caught addictions,
and is consistent. I can just hear the the illuminati
heads footsteps a runnin'

Prood - Word, thank you for posting that!
I love that cover art! It's an ode to my friend who
died in his condo last year. That really gave me a new perspective
on life - say no to hard drugs and skeezer chicks!!

Rob - I'm cool with Inf last time I checked.
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