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...this the return of Christ again, closing on the black chamber. I'm the Sun Tzu-Wu. '93 to '12, P.Hill to P.Hill. since dey wun, I won...atone, at one...contract terms, yahda-yahdi blood...shout [cover] to lek, shout [cover] to black jesus. I'm N2 bldg...
...closing on the black chamber, which I read is or was supposed to be a mind control device or program that r.c.a. came up with back in 1919....wu' managed to lock on that with the 36 chamber lp. I'm pretty sure r.c.a. was shook for a minute, how the gods broke thru the black chamber with that shit. P.Hill to P.Hill, power hill [] to park hill, or park hill to power hill, since the wu' energy identified that The Father [13X] was or is also the Sun [Sun Wu, aka Sun Tzu].
shout to L.E.K. of the wu' future chamber, who managed to link with me back in '09, cipha' born. peace and so on..shout to black jesus from the harlem 6 crew..
..for those who don't git me, I guess you can try to test me...
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