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Sosa - Hey man, it's better to be in positive mind frames then negative ones. Sure I get fearful and bothered. I just don't stay there.

Heavens - Mormons are cool. They have an excellent belief system.

Rob - LMAO! That photo is jokes!

Radio - Mormons are dope. ANy lasting religion is, even though Mormonism is relatively new.

Jig - My bad, I didn't mean to be disrespectful. See even if you set them with 20,000 views - that's your work. They didn't actually generate that interest themselves. Alot of facebook artists front. VBiews arn't everything. Sales and people comming to shows are real fans I'm not really interested in that service.

You mentioned epic fuck ups? Rap is full of them. That's why I'm getting my college diploma, and a new career. Most rappers are uneducated people. It's really scary cause they can't conduct business. I've seen the most talented artists ruin themselves over dumb shit.
I have interest, and get checks every month for my own music. It's a good feeling and I really won't fuck with artists unless they do the same or better.

Check this out - ANY rapper who puts out an original album on CD and Vinyl and sells it on itunes - gets HUGE respect - that takes alot! You wont see that. What you will see is facebook kids, who dont make money off their art with egos.

I can only do me, and I'm happy. It costs minimum $10,000 to release an album proper. Thats very low. Minimum should be $20,000 but I do it for less - and make a profit.

Dret - Thanks, I'm doing this cause it renews me. Dret is a cool name btw.

Masked Avenger - I don't know who Charles Jones is.

Anyway I'm out this topic. I have 2 big tests on Friday. Civil Litigation, Real Esate law. Also English and Legal Research assignments all due this week. That takes precedence right now. Life is a balance. Make it a dope week. Remember Wu Corp is one of the better message boards because of the people who post here - like GraveYard Shifta!
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