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City Lights feat.Jus Allah

20 people bother to like it

and 21 bothered to dislike

That's kinda harsh considering that modern people are lazy. Still I actually started listening the song, I think it's okay, always liked Jus Allah.Still the dopest hip hop artist ever to perform live, that I've seen. He's presence was so fucking amazing, I watched the audience every 5 minutes and couple of teen girls almost started crying . Also the one with Lurd Lhus sounded good, like I said earlier, Crumple isn't unlistenable.

But still Crumpie, I respect what you said about cd's and vinyls. Cd is a dying format, but vinyls and especially cassettes are big now. You still gotta be big digitally, it's 2013, it's from the internet where you get the customers, that buy them cd's. You need alot more digital exposure / likes / views, if you're going to make this thing bigger.

When I got time I'm gonna try to get some more views for you. You need to learn a lot about digital marketing.
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12 reasons fukkin miders keynote soeaker
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Rofl at cilva not being considered a killa bee.

RZAs going to take away his wu badge and gun.

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