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Pluto ruling Scorpio makes sense to me. I think it has less to do with a planet's size and more about the symbols and meanings and why they were applied to a planet -- even though Pluto is no longer considered a planet by scientist anymore.Edgar Cayce who gave over 10,000 readings who is estimated to have an accuracy rate in the ninty percentile range spoke of the planets representing other dimenions, and how we actually incarnate on other planets/dimensions. He spoke of Pluto as Septimus and Vulcan several times before Pluto was officially discovered as a planet. It was then confirmed that Septimus was Pluto in one of the readings.
From on Edgar Cayce and Pluto:
The planet Pluto the seventh planet from the Earth and is associated with the afterlife realm referred to as the realm of consciousness. This afterlife realm is the realm for the final development of full consciousness. The planet Pluto was discussed by Cayce years before it was actually discovered! He referred to it as Vulcan and also as Septimus. When Pluto was discovered, Cayce affirmed that Vulcan or Septimus was the same planet as Pluto. The Pluto realm of the afterlife brings regeneration and a growth in consciousness, but also can bring self-centeredness. Pluto represents spiritual growth and development of the soul and its influence is just now developing in the destiny of humanity.

Also, one last thing but I don't want to make this too long. The Sumerians who are the oldest civilization that we know much about also knew of astrology. They said they got their knowledge from the Annunaki.(meaninghose from heaven to earth came) The Sumerians also knew that the Earth was not flat, and here is one of the glyphs(?) where they had every planet(including the moon as a planet and the controversial Planet X/Nibiru) in it's correct orbiting position relative to the sun. Pluto was also featured, so despite it's size, the "people" who passed down this information must have known Pluto's significance as well. Here is one of the glyphs:

Other observations: Pluto always, ALWAYS points to obsession in synastry when highly activated. Anyone with strong Plutonic nataly also has this trait where they apply this to something in their life that they think will help them grow spiritually,(the less evolved Scorpios use others through sex to try to evolve/grow to lessen/release the intensity of their feelings) This is something I don't see with Arian energy and Mars since it's so focused on doing/achieving.(but I do think it co-rules -- that passion has got to come from somewhere!) Regardless, if Scorpio is rising for the chart ruler or sun for the depositor in the chart looking at Mars and Pluto always reveals interesting results.


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