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Originally Posted by check two View Post
If I recall, there are two other superstars on the team besides Lebron. Also other role players like Battier stepped up. Manu was horrible in that series and cost them games. Lebron blew game 5 at the end for the Heat with a bunch of turnovers. Game six was messed up.
"superstars" did they play like super stars? bosh had like 16 rebounds through the first 5 games of the finals. he was the starting center/pf. is that what superstars do?

DWAYNE WADE went back to being dwayne wade. did he play like a superstar?

i dont care what they are getting paid, or what they've done in the past that is irrelevant.

And you proved my point with the game 5 thing. Lebron had a bad game and they lost because he wasn't perfect.

Originally Posted by hectis View Post
You both make good points, Check Two is right about the other players, as Wade Stepped up big in game 4 four, and Ray Allen did nail a big three at the end of game six, and Bosh made some key plays in game six's overtime imo, and the two none foul calls in overtime of game six does make you question the refs, however with that said you never know what would have happened if the fouls were called, and also Parker did miss a key free throw at the end of the fourth quarter, and the fact Duncan was on the bench at the end of the fourth was a big mistake, because if he was in Bosh probably does not get the rebound, so the fact Allen even got a chance for the three was Pop's fault, and you can probably only count on one hand how many mistakes he has made in his coaching career, but this one was a big one that am surprised is not talked about more, because it did cost the Spurs the title, and although am a Spurs fan am not sure they can make it back to the finals unless they get younger.

With all that said above, James was the main reason the won the title again this year, and without him am not sure the Heat win more that two games, so I understand where whitey is comin' from.

those are good points. but is that what a superstar is getting paid 20 million dollars a year to do? play good in one game?

yes mike miller had a good game, shane had a good game, ray had one ect. but they are roll players thats the definition of what they do, show up big once in a while.

the point is not Spoelstra or Lebron knew who on any given night besides Lebron would bring it. That makes it very hard on them. Its basically a roll of the dice every game.

Which is what makes what Bron did more impressive.

Im not a heat fan, i just respect greatness, athletically anyways. As a person Bron is kind of a gaylord. Jordan was an OG on an off the court. But what you feel personally about the dude doesn't change the fact he is the best basketball player in the world and is the main reason the heat are 2 time champs.
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