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Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
I tried to get a Beta code with no luck, I've been doing nothing but watching videos of the game just to learn more about it since this will be my first time playing an MMO. Is the game really good? How is the combat system? Are you playing it on PS3, or PC?
I think its going to Open Beta fairly soon so you can obviously join then if you can't find a key before it starts

I can't really fault the game tbh. It's basically a tutorial up until level 15 (although it doesn't feel like one) and then everything changes - the quests become a bit more difficult, dungeons are introduced -ignoring leves- and the story changes completely

The battle system is impressive, it is a bit simple but it works perfectly on the PS3. I'm playing a lancer atm but thanks to the armoury system I can change my gear and play as any other class (once you are given permission by the guild masters) so I don't have to dick about creating new chars

I've just joined a grand company and got my chocobo so the story has stopped but there's more than enough to keep me going until my data gets deleted

I've completely nerded out on this game so if you got any questions, lemme know
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