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“We were in Ireland, and [there were] a bunch of Lucky Charms motherfuckers, talking like Lucky Charms niggas. You know how the Lucky Charms commercial pop off, right? And they’re black! These niggas [were] black talking like Lucky Charms dudes. And I’m talking to them like, ‘Wow, this shit is crazy.’ We [were] all the way up in Ireland, and these motherfuckers [were] singing our record. It was weird to me."

“But nah, we know how to rock on the road. If we know we’re gonna be on the road hardcore, we get the pots out for the stove, and start throwing down. My spaghetti and fried chicken is world renowned. I gets it in, right on the damn bus. Hot pots, hot pans. I’ll pop a tent up in the middle of your crib, nigga! [Laughs.] The tent gonna go up. We gonna eat. If I gotta go out in the water to kill fish, we gonna eat. Trust me.”

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