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I got issues, tha microphone check a ninja misused / softer than wet tissues, I sear down tha flesh sinew / all tha way beyond tha marrow, I spit ‘n’ ninjaz turn jaundice, even though they already high yellow / bright ‘n’ spry, resilient, I like ‘em thick like a slice of Sicilian pie, dime Brazilians / African affiliates, Blaxploitations, I destroy tha Freemasons with 2 diamonds, Star of David / bars of hatred towards fakeness get layed on tha track / ninjaz get sprayed in tha face by a nickelplated axe / take your name ‘n’ cut it in half with a razor tongue / MCs get eviscerated, flavor of tha month / Savoir faire, with tha patois, I stab Gods when I grab God’s hair, kick-drum bass tha snare/ I chase tha dragon out tha lair ‘n’ splash him like a addict with a 400 dollar day habit / fuckin’ ratchets in tha ass with no jimhat, pull out, give her a Dirty Sanchez ‘n’ cum in her mouth ‘n’ break bread / fake heads I hate whether dominant or recessive traits, poke my thumb right thru they trachs / by tha grace of Fate, I remain truist to L. A. / you see L. A. with tha Bruins hardcore music stays fused to either side of my brain / tha bridegroom, Frankenstein’s Monster slides in tha room / with tha trigger finger itch, make tha 9 go boom / my eyes stoned like tha sky, red ‘n’ blue / I transcend above the essence, thug restin’ on tha 7th / drugs testin’ me, I’m a restive G-O-D / d-o-g, domestic animals, inverted pentagrams / sniff a gram with my dick in my left hand / I’m tha paradigm of tha vocal paragon / 24 carat, stack grands, racks ‘n’ name brands / y’all MCs is bland, can’t carry a tune like me ‘n’ a tan / put tha tool in ya, you’ll feel a stomach cramp / yo, that’s what you get for fuckin’ with Science ‘n’ tha fam / who you tryin’ to kid? you ain’t tha biz wearin’ those tight-ass pants / I max my time out, like Blacks in tha White House / live from Southern Cali, it’s 30 rounds, empty tha banana clip / switch it around, bitch-ass ninjaz is frantic to tha sound of our voices / West Oakland ‘n’ Spun Fernando, dissect every granule…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
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