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Default ffffffff

LOL @ errrrrbody shitting on Vinnie(check two) from Valley(general chat)

eye don't think that "never ceen before standard of living in you-rope" was nessesarily due to "Muslims" was more the standard of living was caused by da black man's presence in Spain...owl elaborate more once the general chat(valley high school) degenerates come crawling out da hillsides down to KTL....LOL!!!!

but yeah....speaking a persona who walks around his kingdom of Axum(Annandale VA) in a Islamic looking robe guzzling bottles of Kombucha(GT daves Trilogy flavor) in broad daylight during "ramadan" and bad mouthing the da Quran and so called Orthidox Muslims to the youth....eye must say om feeling what Nomad-One is saying....

Thank da ruler of the sub-atomic level movement for mah Father Puddin Allah!!!!!!!!!

12 jews!!!!!!!!
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