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Here's one more song by Willie D called Welfare Bitches and this relates to the topic. I'm sure if Bill Cosby listened to his songs that i posted, he would agree with what Willie D is saying. Lord Nose, go to Youtube and type Willie D talks about hate groups and the footage should come up of him sitting on his couch talking about racist whites and George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin situation.

D is about to cold get funky on you welfare bitches around the country. I don't give a damn if you like me or not but this bullshit you doing is gotta stop. You playing the government for a sucker but you don't know is they hip to you muthafuckas. Dropping babies one after another one just to increase your fucked ass income LOL. Welfare bitch, welfare bitch so you can see for this purpose cause i believe that a child should be born outta love. Dumb ass bitch LOL. You was only thinking of the money which is for the kid indeed but ya took it and satisfied your own damn needs. You ain't about shit LOL. You only love uno. One of these days, there ain't gonna be no welfare yeah. Welfare bitches LOL.

Sitting around getting high and drunk waiting on the muthafucking first of the month LOL. They never look for a job because they too busy watching the soaps on ABC LOL. You realize it's only make believe but yet when one dies or get shot, you grieve. You think Scorpio, Lucy or the rest of the crew give a fuck about a poor broke ho like you? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Bitches bitches bitches bitches will trade food stamps in a jet flash. A 65 dollar book will get ya 50 in cash. Their the muthafuckas that's making it hard for the people who really need the government involved. They have their kids looking a mess while they walk around sporting Gucci and Guess LOL. You say you love your kids. That's a god damn lie LOL. I said it. You wanna know why? Cause you a welfare bitch, a welfare bitch LOL. So is your man. Here's his muthafucking plan. He don't have to work as long as he sees a welfare bitch that support his needs. He get the 3 p's every god damn day. Pussy, pay and a place to stay hahahahahahahahahaha. You a sorry muthafucka if you live this way LOL. You need your ass whipped LOL. That's what i say. I ain't living life with a dumb broke poor ho hahahahaha. Willie the kid don't fuck with no welfare yeah.

A welfare bitch can't do a muthafucking thing for me but suck my dick cause i don't want the pussy hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You fuck her one time and the god damn whore will get pregnant and swear up and down that it's yours. I got the money. So you wanna get hitched? Don't tell me that you pregnant cause i ain't claiming shit LOL. Don't try to play me cause i can't be pussywhipped. So stay out my face and get off my dick LOL.

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The TV dinners I like is macaroni and cheese with fish and rice with chicken and broccoli. I also like Stouffer's microwaved spaghetti.
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I also like the food U-God talked about. He said he can cook spaghetti and fried chicken and i would like to taste it to see if he's a good cook. I like spaghetti and fried chicken.
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Eagle Eye, fuck you for saying I write like a kid. How do you explain that? I write better than your punk ass.
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