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Here's my half-ass thoughts on the album on the first listen. Perhaps, people will check it out from it.

01. Snow Blind - 3.5/5
- Virt had machine gun flow on this track. Pretty decent track to start off the album but I doubt I'll be listening to this on repeat.

02. Snowgoons Infantry feat. Del the Funky Homosapien & R.E.K.S. - 4.5/5
- Had high hopes for this reunion with Del since their chemistry on 'All We Know', 'War of the Masses', and 'On the Run' made for epic tracks. Del's flow was off and he couldn't really ride the beat with his distinct voice. Still a good track.

03. Rainmaker - 2.5/5
- Just felt like a filler track to me.

04. If You Lost Someone - 5/5
- From the snippet I had heard, I kind of thought this track was about Virt's friend and hip-hop head, Erik Weissman, that he lost that might be linked to Jahar Tsarnaev (Boston Bomber case) and sure enough it is. I first heard about him after researching the slaying and seeing Virt's comment on his Facebook memorial page. This track grew on me after a couple listens and it's got some good story telling. Apparently Virt spoke on this guy on an old track but I haven't stumbled across it.

05. G8 Conference Pt. 1 feat. Blacastan & Akrobatik - 3.5/5
- I must say I've heard very little from Blacastan and Akrobatik. This track is decent. This track plays off the album title and some of the tracks on this album have a Canibus' Cloak n Dagga feel but it's definitely not every track.

06. Silent Conversation - 2.5/5
- This track has an atmospheric vibe. I assume this track explains the album cover.

07. Slapbox With Jesus (Prod. by Apathy) - 3/5
- I really don't care for Apathy beats for the most part but this beat is alright.

08. Ted Koppel feat. M-Dot & V.Knuckles - 5/5
- From the album snippets I listened to, this track had the beat I looked forward to most. The one guy on the track reminded me of Majik Most. Might not be the best track on the album but it's up there. I love choruses put together with samples and scratching.

09. Blood In The Rain - 3.5/5
- Laid back vibe and the vocal sample makes the beat complete.

10. White Linen - 4.5/5
- Virt zones out on this track with his flow.

11. Sweatshop Deathrock feat. Esoteric & Celph Titled - 1.5/5
- I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I can't stand Esoteric's voice and content. These two features definitely did not produce a track like 'Murder Death Kill'. So far, this might be the worst beat/track combo on the album. I use to be a huge Celph Titled fan but his punchlines are played out.

12. Chaos Theory - 4/5
- When you think of a typical Virtuoso song, this would be it. Took me a while to realize that the vocals sampled were Eminem.

13. Kaleidoscope Geometry feat. Canibus & Evil Intentions - 4/5
- If this was the old Babygrande forum, Omni would have the weed carriers edited out by now and this track over a better beat. I kind of wish this was like a Vinnie Paz/Canibus collabo and they went back and forth with bars. This track and beat grew on me.

14. Authentic - 2/5
- Seems like another filler track. Chorus is annoying.

15. You're Too Bad feat. E'Flash & Jaysaun - 2/5
- I'm not sure who E'Flash is but I could do without him and the gay ass auto-tune chorus.

16. Live Like A Wire - 4/5
- The album recovers and finishes off strong with this track. The chorus sample and scratching is dope again.

Besides the couple tracks with scratching, it's not quite apparent that this is an album produced by the Snowgoons. The beats definitely don't sound like any other album they've produced like the beats on Reef, Lord Lhus, MOP, or any of their compilation albums. I'm not sure there's any classic tracks on this like 'War of the Masses', 'The Reaper', 'The Man of the Hour', 'Wie Kings' (alright, just one of my favs), 'The Bay of Pigs', but the album is definitely a solid effort. I guess time will tell.

Overall - 3.5/5

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