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Originally Posted by Luz View Post
Not very good. Throwaway track.
Only one on point. Seriously. This track has no replay value.

Reflective lyrics, hmm?

Man I'm a giant ? entertainer
Biggest in the game, money generator, style innovator
Smash all boundaries
I'm in your head, bassline keep pounding me
Keep astounding me
Capture the moment
I'm your most dangerous opponent
Good shit, yeah, yeah, I'm on it
Stinging up your CD like the Shaolin hornets
Just been promoted, got my stars and stripes
My heavy duty batters(?) on my scars of life
My anger hit my pen, my bars get tight
Came back like a heavyweight
Fly cars, I want my name on stars and lights
This heavyweight life with a dose of thrills...

I can't even finish the first verse, it's just so wack. Only one buying is 5% of Wu-corp, family and friends.

“You ain't gonna sell two copies if you press a double album” -Eminem
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