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Originally Posted by LORD NOSE View Post
man has a will and can choose what he wants to think and do on this planet

whose fault is that ?
The will and ability to choose isn't the problem, it's just often misused.

Originally Posted by Face of the Golden Falcon View Post
Why is there a need to believe in any scripture if one can witness the order intrinsic to the universe? If one witnesses, understands, and follows this order then it wouldn't matter if all the holy scripture in the world ceased to exist or for that matter ceased to have ever existed.
Everything happens for a reason and no man knows everything. Knowledge is gathered from all over because it is abundant, diverse and always growing. The ones who actually do witness and, as you said, follow this order, are indeed on a very precious and admirable road. Not many of us are so inclined these days to follow such order. Also, everything exists for a reason as well. Example, I've never read The Satanic Bible, but I consider it's existence a prime example of what not to do. Man, as a creature of learning, needs sources to draw from. Always has, always will. These sources take all forms, it just so happens that a lot of us have chosen to take the denser forms as more applicable to our daily lives, since we live and operate in a dense reality 90% of the time. I feel that we've cut ourselves short of the bigger picture by doing this because there is a vast, documented plethora of phenomena that takes place on planes of existence that stretch past the five basic senses. My view, however, is entirely my own and it comes from my own personal experience. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Certainly not. This much is certain though, you, the person, are in charge of your own destiny. I sight a part of the book in question that reads, "Seek and ye shall find..." because the only things we will ever find are the things that we earnestly seek for. Some of us use books that others may not see a need for. One man's junk is indeed another man's treasure. Just because someone finds use in something, inspiration, truth, insight, a means of bettering themselves, a purpose, etc. in something that you may not see the same things in, it would at the very least be more respectful to have a, "to each his own" kind of attitude and I promise you, people would hold you in higher esteem for having done so.
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