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Originally Posted by Urban_Journalz View Post

If every choice we made were God's Choice, we would not have free will. We would not be human beings. On the contrary, many things are misused and that is why there are rules set in place in order to better the all-around character of the human being and therefore all of society. Even this is being misused as can be seen through the various corrupt people hiding behind masks of righteousness. I think any mother of a choir boy who was sexually abused by a so-called Priest whom he trusted, would have a sharp disagreement with your statement that, "Every choice man makes is God's Choice."A clear proof to the contrary of your argument is the fact that there are so many positive lessons set forth, in every faith you can name and people still choose to follow their own personal, PERSONAL, desires. Because it feels good to them. People know that drinking alcohol is nothing but slow suicide, yet they continue to do it. Why? Because they enjoy it. You can throw in the fact that it's become habitual, but the main reason is that it does something to them that they find agreeable. So, they make the choice to forget about the effects it has on their bodies and minds and continue to poison themselves. We are not automatons. Thinking, comprehension, decision making, all of these are powerful faculties designed to test the hearts of men. An old saying goes, "If you want to know the true character of a person, give him power." Meaning, you cannot truly know what kind of person you are dealing with, until and unless they have some kind of authority. This, because all hearts are different. All people have different desires. Some want Peace. Others want War. Some want Truth. Others want Conjecture and Guesswork. Some people want the good things of this world. Some people know and remember that this world is temporary. That people are being snatched away from it every hour of the day and they know that their time is also coming. Some act upon this. Some don't. The bottom line is not whether you believe me or not, because this means nothing to me. The very least you should do, because you owe it to yourself, is think as critically about both sides as you do about one side. You may not live to see sundown, or sun-up. The true measure of us as people, I believe, is how well-prepared we are for our eventual, inevitable trips underground. Think of someone you know or love that may be sick or may have passed away. If you got to spend any time with them, they most likely spoke of things they wish they had done. Some of these things may have been unimportant, some of them may have been very important. The point is, they wish they had more time. Most wish they hadn't spent their time so carelessly, doing things that meant nothing at all when compared to the Big Picture. I choose, and this again is my own personal choice, to believe that there is a point and purpose to all things. Time and Space are finite things, though out of the comprehension of man's limited perception. I, myself am finite and am capable of great nobility or great evil. I choose nobility. What you choose is your own. Make no mistake though, you, yourself, unless you're clinically insane, consciously make the choices that take you wherever you eventually end up. Peace.

"When you prepare a meal for a group of people that you love, you make sure that the veggies ain't all mushy and stuff, and the food is not just lumped on top each other, but everything is seasoned well and looks nice on the plates.

Do the same with the words you write"
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