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Yeah if you make that argument about rotting flesh, whats the difference between that and eating vegetables and fruit that are also slowly rotting?

12 jews

if your fruits and vegatbles are rotten eye would recommend not eating um...

produce is ALIVE...eye remember back when they used to call self da produce God we would soak sum not so good looking green leafy veggies and within an hour they would be looking healthy again...because produce is what? ALIVE...on the other side the meat and seafood department had STRENGENT regulations on how long you could have dead animals at room temperature and still be able to sell it by law...because animal products is what? DEAD...

the produce that went bad the quickest was organic berries...but still you could leave them out all day

culture is the gateway to power....the highest form of power is high vibrating levels of electromagnetic radiation poppin off in the holy temple of one who has Equality and God-hood...

when you eat fresh alive raw produce your body digests that God jew jahhhhhhh quick...god forbid you juice...its even more of an electral conductor.....its a poor arguement to compare something that is ALIVE and something that is DEAD....

I try to eat less meat simply because humans aren't carnivores and our stomachs haven't evolved to eat meat. on a health level it doesn't make sense to eat a lot of meat

thats peace

how many animals have you killed yourself, gutted and then eaten?
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