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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
Keith Murray-The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
Redman-Whut Thee Album, Dare Iz A Darkside, Muddy Waters

KJR, i told you my favorite EPMD albums are Business As Usual and Back In Business. Business Never Personal album is good. I was very disappointed in Def Squad's El Nino album. Full Cooperation, Ride With Us with Too Short, Checkin Me Out, Ya'll Niggas Ain't Ready songs on there are my favorite but the beats were terrible. Erick, Redman, Keith Murray did a good job doing a remake of Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight. Keith Murray has really disappointed me because he's a ill mc and his albums after Enigma were terrible because of the beats. I don't know why he tried to go pop on He's Keith Murray album when he got with Def Jam. His 2 videos Yeah Yeah You Know It and Candy Bar from that album are corny.

Redman has disappointed me too because his albums after Doc's Da Name are terrible because of the beats. Erick Sermon's albums after Double Or Nothing are terrible also because of the beats. Erick Onasis album is alright. I think it's ill that Keith Murray and Canibus did a collabo album but nobody paid attention to it hahahahahahahahahaha. I know the beats on there were probably terrible because Canibus always picks bad beats and that's why his albums suck.
undergods album had banging production

01. Enter The Adonai (Intro) (prod. by DJ Absurd)
02. Rock Wit Us ft. Planet Asia (prod. by Amadeus)
03. No Brainer (prod. by Shuko)
04. Undergods Roll (prod. by Jake One)
05. 129 (prod. by Erick Sermon)
06. Freestyle A Chorus (prod. by Godz Wrath)
07. The Guilty Will Pay ft. Crooked I & Erick Sermon
(prod. by Erick Sermon)
08. Still Frontin’ (prod. by Erick Sermon)
09. Follow El Shaddai (prod. by JP Beats)
10. Supreme Lyrical Beings (Interlude) (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
11. Show ‘Em What Crazy Is ft. Tech N9ne (prod. by Beat Butcha)
12. Torsion Fields (prod. by Shuko)
13. We Blackout Too (prod. by Amadeus)
14. Gotta Be Real ft. Urban Rose (prod. by Erick Sermon)
15. The Princes of Persia (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
16. Secret Weapons (prod. by Ziko & Vherbal)
17. Rise Of The Machines (prod. by Gordo)
18. (Bonus) Tetragrammation Gods ft. Born Sun & Joe The Butcher
(prod. by Sickness & Ill Image)
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