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I missed this when it came, downloaded yesterday and after two complete listens and some songs that lI listened repeatedly, here are some of my thoughts:

You always had that original rhyme style, also good vocal skills. No screaming, but still on top of the beat, not under, as some mc's just have some natural presence. For a one whole listening session (as an album) this is way too long for me, but of course one can always form different playlists etc.

Mixing is good for most parts, some more equalisation that i was longin' for. Cut some treble for next one. Easier to listen in headphones, but not bad or irritating.

I've always liked your stuff but to come back to this board, and I also completely forgot all the talent in this legendary audio section in these years, it's good to hear something from the Shifter himself.

Waiting more, this one I uploaded to my phone, as I have an old one, that actually takes some work, that I am usually too lazy to do!

e. Sometimes you actually remind me of the old holocaust that last appeared on silkworm.
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12 reasons fukkin miders keynote soeaker
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Rofl at cilva not being considered a killa bee.

RZAs going to take away his wu badge and gun.

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