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Originally Posted by V4D3R View Post
Fuck worshiping the god of arabs that enslaved you....

Enki/Horus/Satan is your true creator....

His brother Enlil/Yahweh/Seth/Allah/God doesn't like your filthy little asses and the noises you make... u KNOW om always in the mood to trash sum so called Muslims...but eye don't know about all that...of course there was defineatly sum mass murderer Gods who ascended to the throne of the Council of the Gods of the Bible and Quran....but ummmm....

the current living Allah defineatly loves us...all of us...he raised up his Messenger the honorable Elijah Muhammad...Elijah brought us Malcolm which brought us the Panthers...Elijah also brought us Puddin Allah AKA Clarence 13X AKA da Father...without Puddin Allah there would be no wu-tang message board for you type on....

its so clear now that Hip Hop is going to save the planet from destruction....its the dream that Martin Luther King spoke of....

so Allah AKA Master Fard Muhammad does love us...all of us...without him there would be no Hip Hop culture...

eye have the ability to go anywhere on the planet....from college, to the suburbs to the hood and destroy anybody who wanna test...eye have become so powerfull that many people go out there way just to try and trip me up...eye have become so powerfull that if eye get around any devil mentally or physically they automatically try and fuck wit me for no reason...LOL!!!!!

thanks ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!
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