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Originally Posted by diggy View Post
You don't have to spend that. Only have to buy a drink, but you want more....Looks like you're looking for a prostitute.

You mean to tell me you never went to one with friends?
Tricking is tricking. Think about it. Whether you're paying a stripper or getting head from a hooker, it's tricking. Men are going to want their nut if they see a bitch with a good booty.

No, I haven't. I kept putting it off.

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Went once in my into some shit, never again since...besides..I get it done at home so yea
You got into it with a stripper?

Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
Translation: I found a girl desperate enough to still date me even after she found out that I was paying the Tuesday afternoon strippers at a 1 star strip club for sex.

Originally Posted by GZAjector View Post
i remember one time at the strip club, me and a bunch of my boys went to this one joint, because one of my boys girlfriends had just started working there and he wanted to see her in action and let us all look at her titties and pussy i guess, who knows.

anyways, we're there chilling, drinking, flirting with the ho's, and his girl is on stage and she just DOES NOT know what the fuck she's doing. this is her first time dancing i guess and it is embarrassing. anyways, we're just ignoring her, and pretty much everyone else is too, but these big fat businessmen looking motherfuckers that are seated directly in front of her are smoking big fat cigars and blowing their smoke right at her, laughing and shit, haha.

anyways, she tries one of those 'bend over backwards and shake your titties' moves and her mouth is kind of open and shit.

one of the big wigs, reaches over and thumps his cigar ash right into her open mouth. BLAU!

one of the funniest shits i ever saw. she falls over, coughing and spitting and cussing and the entire place is just roaring with laughter. a bouncer gets up onstage, escorts her off to the back, where the manager told her to pack her shit and leave. my buddy was livid, they kicked his ass out too. i guess the cigar dudes were high-rollers or some shit, either that or she was such a fuckin embarrasment they had to shitcan her

regardless, i lol'd

i got a bunch of stories, but they're from when i was like 19, 20...not like 40.
i learned from the mistakes of spending all my dough on stupid skanks who just pretended to like my gumdrop shaped head, and i moved on to having stupid skanks spend money on me for the next 5 years.

although i gotta admit things have come full circle because now i'm married and give all my money away my MAIN SQUEEZE
Lol. Awesome story! I feel bad for the girl.
Originally Posted by The Hound View Post
I don't want to put the effort in to meeting women Call it $600 a month and that's just $300 a fortnight out of my pay, so what? I get to fuck top of the line 10/10 sluts and not deal with the other bullshit that comes with women
Originally Posted by TSA
That's why I really can't fuck with escorts. They're just fucking you cause you paid them so that's wack, they cost money, only seem like a good idea before you nut
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