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-ABOVE shaolin monk

split kid's wig with the AR fifth im too quick
killah symbolon on your hard drive encrypted flow
text tech etch holes in lord's cranial word smith & wesson
blast you net tekies real beef on the streets rider o.g.
cyber infernal contending journals burn digital
whats a jibber jab m.c. to a war criminal's cause
effects bring minimal loss distortion phrases out of proportion
temple slaves brain's chackled mind extortion
cant never see me write freely take flight easy
will to kill instilled within me enemy exposed like
first term'ers without a car tank full of sharks
first draw one drop of blood feeding frenzy
spotted meckenzie's flesh torn word to god
word is bond put that on my first born
another mark shot thats a daily occurence
carry the burden true soldier events current
crystal skull crack your cheek bone shadow of death
tombstone CA. Murdah Valley ABOVE signing off get at me
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