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Ancient - Cool, but If anything I'm going to post new music in the music thread. I always post my work on regardless. If anyone wants to find new Crumple music, it's always easy to find and buy on the internet.

Grave - All I remember is Inf always being a suporter of my music.
I honestly don't remember him calling me out. When I left Wu Corp,
it was primarily to focus on my fanbase. I wanted to see how the response was to my music without any promotion on msg boards.
Definately less views, but more accurate "fan" views/support.
I have no beef with Inf, we already talked about this on facebook
before I saw the update on this thread.

Ancient - I may drop new joints here and there, but my new album will be released officially in 2014. I want it to be monumental.

Sosa - I had a crew originally in my projects. We're all cool, but everyone drifted away. I am primarily a solo artist. I also did The Cali Project when I went to Los Angeles with Evergreen and Bammer.
Watch the "Death Valley" video by The Cali Project on youtube. Filmed in LA.

rob - Vegetables are dope. I think I ate a mushroom raw for the first time in my life yesterday. I always used to have them fried before.
I plan on eating more raw mushrooms on the regs.

Main - Thank you for posting my track with Cage. That joint makes me happy

Inf - Thanks for liking that track with Cage, I appreciate it, My new Work is all in line with that same style. I'm going to listen to your "Crumple Diss" track now. K, heard it. If anything, I take it as friendly hip hop competition.
I don't look at it like a serious diss track, on some serious beef in the streets shit. It's all love. We've talked since then so It's all peace. I think you have a dope voice and beats.
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