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Default fffffff

Master Fard was in this skeptics eyes a fraud. Somebody that used carefully crafted words to a naive people desperate for a leader and messiah.

judge da teacha by his fruit...thats what eye do personally

lets break it down again....Fard gave us Elijah...Elijah gave us Malcolm and Puddin Allah...Malcolm gave us the panthers...Puddin gave us da Gods in New York City...the Gods in New York city created the enviornment for Hip Hop to exist....shit...Elijah gave us General Khalid Muhammad...

take away Fard and what you got in north amerikkka???

NOTHING!!!! Fard no wu wutang you can be skeptic all you want...but Fard's fruit don't lie....the fact that you log in on this message board every should tell you something...

Too bad Elijah didn't follow through on his word and give Fard's wifey that promised 100K.

according to Allah's messenger Fard did not have a wife...all the pioneers said he didn't have no wife or girlfriend...they said the women was feeling him but thats about it....

What did Master Fard do to earn a mythical spot in history besides disappearing?

look at what eye wrote above...

one example

remember one of the greatest moments in history when Huey Newton and num went face to face wit da pigs with firearms.....NO FARD...NO PANTHERS

No Malcolm....No panthers.....

no Malcolm

do you cee now that you have no case

you can make up hypothetical shit all day but facts is facts....

you can say that someone else would have come up with this and that.....but nobody else did...historically speaking Fard got da shit can't change history...especially recent history

Metaphorically speaking or speaking in layman's terms, leaving for the mother plane was the worse thing a messiah could/would do for a people in desperate need of stable leadership and hope.

yeah...thats why mah FATHER....Puddin Allah rose up with the understanding...the NGE don't teach about no mothership...

but you and eye both know there are flying saucers out there

eye ceen one with mah own 2 eyes.....

so you believe those saucers are piloted by aliens?

How has hip-hop saved the world so far? Why has hip-hop allowed its watered down commercialization to take place and deteriorate the black race to it's lowest standards with nursery rhyme sounding wackness? Dumbed down bullshit. Why isent Killah Priest's last album on the billboard top 100?

the world isn't saved....its on the brink of destruction

eye suggest u study the difference beetween Hip Hop and Rap...
for you answer

All religion is man made/alien made agenda to control the masses and exploit. Some had good intentions to begin with but as in any situation....absolute power corrupts absolutely.

and this is comming from a man who praises Satan

eye brought up examples of how in these days and times
ALLAH brought it to US quite lovely

Satan also brought it to us....George Bush and num.....

you cee the satan hand gesture they make????

so...there is your representation of your beloved satan...

the people who fucking up the planet

I can show and prove science. Clarence was right about that. But there is nothing "DEVINE" about science and truth besides the fact that it's the real ABSOLUTE POWER - YA DIG?

as a satan worshipper eye understand your confusion

if da science is truth its divine.....if its not its vampire

the type of scientists that are running the planet are not bringing ABSOLUTE POWER....because absolute power is within self

these vampire scientists are all about....the lowest form of power which is control of people and resources...eye say its the lowest because the earth and its people and resources was not meant to be controlled or even owned...

We getting close to showing and proving the Anunnaki is the truth but they don't want it coming out and there is a war going on to deny but physical material is here on earth all over as a matter of fact.

you getting into shit you cannot prove...

eye can show you Fard's are typing on a message board from Fard's can't prove shit about anunakki

People just wont allow the human race to grow because of this fact: they wont let go of their beliefs and paradigms of thought and they fight tooth and nail to preserve the old ways which keep us doomed to repeat mistakes.


u are contradicting yourself seriously....

you don't believe in a human being built mothership but you believe in sum Alien shit....which means you got more faith in Alien shit than human eye ax you?...why won't you allow the human race to grow????

*knowcheeze breaks into a whimpering weak voice*

why don't you believe in our potential as humans!?!?!??!!!??

*sniff sniff*

Fard brought da I AM GOD culture to north amerikkka....

the best way for a human to grow is for he or her to cee themselves as the physical manifestation of the ruler of the sub-atomic movement and to act accordingly....

I am a pupil, I refuse to accept that I know it all and allow my mind to accept newly discovered information with open arms.

you seem to have already made up your mind despite the REAL proof eye have

you are relying on fairy tales...eye am relying on what eye cee has manifested from Fard teaching his mEssneger for 3 and 1/2 years

Religion and beliefs systems are like old trees choking off its younger newly growing seeds that are trying to grow to close to their parent tree. The old roots choking out the young new roots because of their size and power.

religion is where you think God is outside your self

Fard brought that I AM GOD culture.....

he killed religion

We can build. You can't show and prove nothing spooktacular to me though. Facts

your whole anunnaki story is pretty spooktacular tooo

and Fard had sum wild stories too

eye would never waste mah time trying to prove sum of um

but eye can prove Fard's fruit....its evident today....

open your eyes....

fuck da Quran indeed....but Allah in this day and time had stupid love for all of us.....

and your beloved God satan.....well you cee his fruit too...

12 jews!!!!!!
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