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Default fffffff

I respect your facts.

Eye respect and am kinda shocked that you respond in
such a civilized manner...pre-she-8-it!!

But they dont show and prove my point of droppin it in this thread to bring factual evidence of any prophetic or divine shit from the Quran.

eye mean...whatever God was occupying the throne of the 23 scientists under da name "ALLAH" during Prophet Muhammad's time brought
dat Quran to a bunch of savage retards if you ax'd self...eye mean
you think Arabs and wanna be Arab's like Pakistani's and Somalians
are a seriously LAME, RACIST and SAVAGE people...
just think how skunked out they were
back in Muhammad's time!!!!!

seriously they should call da Quran "Islam for lazy retards"

and if you think om joking....

17:31 And kill not your children for fear of poverty We provide for them and for you. Surely the killing of them is a great wrong.

now there are sum serious Jewels in the Quran...but verses
like the above show and prove that it was sent to sum
savage mothafuckas!!!!!!

"hey you!!!....don't kill your children....that's wrong!"

So yeah...fuck da Quran RAMMADAMMIT!!!!!!

But om just saying....ALLAH AKA Fard Muhammad is one
bad mothafucka...remember how he magically materialized
in Malcolm X's jail cell???

and Puddin Allah is the greatest God ever in mah opinion

Do the math on Adam's Calendar and them gold mines in the ABZU aka the motherland South Africa. Baalbek them stones where lifted with cymantics. The gold mines in the ABZU still have the cymantic stone circles over the gold mines. There's also the original pyramids pre-flood right over in the valley overlooking the Calendar. On the same latitude line thousands miles south from the "new" Giza pyramids. It's a fact its there and confirms the sumerian history. The science method is in the processes of being done to make this non-pseudo. Geologists and scientists about to drop some bombs about this.

12 jews!!!!!!!!
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