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Originally Posted by WuBizzie View Post
Yea, I would love to know more about Reunited also. I do know that the violins were provided by famed hip hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari. Also, the video, which never was released commercially, features GZA's former manager Angela Yee, of Power 105's Breakfast Club:
Heard that too about Miri Ben-Ari. But is that really true though? I know it says so on her Wikipedia page and all, but except for some likely copy/pastes I did not find any independent evidence for this. Considering her DOB and what it say on her bio part of the wiki page (came to NY after serving the Isreali army - which as far as I know - is two years), it does not seem so super likely that it's her. If so, Wu would have basically discovered her (I think all the feature tracks in her discog are newer than Reunited)...

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