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Originally Posted by HANZO View Post
Well Arsenal haven't signed anyone, Suarez is the last guy left they could get. Arsenal fans demand a big money signing and if they don't and they flop this season as well then Wenger is finished. They have all that money they one of the top earning clubs in the world and yet they just cannot get the big names. I think they are tight with money, Wenger is and so is management. Also the transfer market is being swamped by Man City, PSG and Monaco at the moment. They signing all the good players from the mid level Euro clubs. There are only a very few players that Arsenal and other teams can sign.

However I doubt Suarez will go to Arsenal, Liverpool would be mad to do so. If he is going to leave its more likely he will go to Madrid.

To add 100million for Bale is fucking ridiculous.

In other news the inevitable has happened and Fifa has begun talking about a winter world cup in Qatar lol. How fucking stupid can the footballing world get? They didn't realise Qatar is fucking hot in the summer? bunch of corrupt sell outs.
i know Arsenal has been snubbed a couple of times
like bernard going to shaktar donesk & i think Luis Gustavo

I feel bad for Arsenal in some ways because they sold alot of their good players like RVP, Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Gervinho...
their squad is still decent but it seems nobody wants to join Arsenal & Wenger has been holding out for suarez?!
funny how Wenger claims they can afford Rooney tho.

I see Rooney joining Chelsea at the very end of the transfer window.
I read somewhere that Suarez has to formally apologize to his team mates, the staff, and the fans for considering jumping ship!

and i agree about Real dropping 100 Euros on Bale !! The hack they trying to Prove?

I think Fifa will chose another destination for the World Cup
Fifa knew about the weather conditions in Quatar!! I dont know why they didnt choose Turkey (who have more of a footy history than Quatar)

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