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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

got more moves than that muthafucka dawyne wade
emcees like roaches thats y they call me raid
they way i exterminte, unleash poison like rattlesnake
drop emcees who try to fuck up names....
guees what nigga, i fucked ur dame...
yea son, im twice nice
u dun tryed to fuck with my name but ur bitch got it right
and she still tryin to grab it, i made her my habit
kill bill nigga? i aint even tryn to have it
cause when u were watchin movies
i was droppin your bitch roophies
they way i came on her face i was makin abstract art
the bitch gimme brains and she aint even smart
but i still got more slurpie than the kwikie mart
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