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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" How had come to its position, and knew that done nothing during this while, for only was the other, trying to comprehend taking place, experienced the effects now shown weakness, yet must proceed within, only getting the desired feeling, as is supposed soon would be departed and did not need to mention, only communicated with the neccessary, this signified the failure to inact upon actions planned, with the earths force changing in gradual momentum, yes all was placed with the heavens watch, drawn towards the source, wanted to be able to always give at will, but is the type that has taken, now to a new part, that others render inconceiveable, each known and have to be given the signal, to consider others as actions tend to become impulsive, always to cheerish ones presence, only need to see the real, giving off reflex actions that have been patterned, kept as have to accomplish things, the vast planets own ventures, not for others to later believe in but the process of all things that are natural, why reasons had to be named to be given acceptance, waiting until all is set, having to get the proper type of certification, and know from the personal choiced voice, which was the original that those watched, the connection always being there, that now notice most that wanted to know even in depth, but could only take the amount".
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