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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread

Summer Rain…

Never thought i'd see the smiles again, the light again,

never thought i'd see the summer rain... like

a, breath of fresh air after sufforcating all throught the midnight

hour. like a hundred acre would with passion in disguise!

Summer rain, tell me, will you fall again...

and again and again, oh so easily its rhythm flows gently like

the Nile meets the Jordan, an unexplainable reality forbidden

by fantasy realistically formed to open to new ideas -> ideas

harboured by minds that oh so, easily flow gently again and

again and again and we laughed and we sighed as we smiled

and we stared over and over...

and over and over this pitter patter pitifully pattering

over the plains of passion and all we can do is play and play

and play...

play like the young minds of an unconstructed playground,

swinging on the branches of... innocence,

copywritten smile on the lovechild's playful

face, as he plays and he laughs and he sighs as he smiles

and we stare over and over and again and again...

summer rain triggered a rainbow of hopes and dreams that

leads into a stream that seems that my heart is being

captured by your being...
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