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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" Though seemed as revealed, all that could have been spoken, with only reflecting what they are, a procession of actions depth and belief was bleak, traced that what went back, how did they expect to be taken, after all had collapsed with no intensions, others that had experienced whilst leading towards, yet accepted each moment for what it was, continued the tasks set before as the heavens forbid what was out of cycle, there was no blame yet that one had done it all, for within the time that had ticked to many dieing, repeated matters that needed no questions, and survival was still amongst with this earth, that they thought once they were alone, days having past from vast proclamations such as those, that led many how others set what they had become used to, still persued and enjoyed the normal combat, many things left to be maintained, some did not fully mean, just thinking for put towards that occasion, needing not to take rapid actions for are not in harmony, how those that had come to know more of that placed, given the chance to their own centre, all to find its proper position as the distant amongst".
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