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Default Re: GZA on Advanced Pawns...

Originally Posted by chuck430
i think you may have something there.

the few lines you dont really explain, can still be on this 9/11 trip.

Powerful darts, narrowly missing your whole tribe
afganistan still has tribal rule in some areas, especially where Osama is hiding. the powerful darts can be the US and Allied armies...but we havent got them yet, we're narrowly missing them.

But there's always potential for large scale disasters
the usa isnt safe, anything can happen. its a warning. none of us expecting 9/11 to occur.

Many was taken, just at the price of a pawn
The collective loss had left a thousand to mourn
many people died by the hands of these lowly Al Qada (lowly opposed to the head Osama) pawns.
the total dead has left thousands more to mourn their deaths.
Powerful darts, narrowly missing your whole tribe
Hey yeah, that's probably a more accurate interpretation than the one I had; That basically the whole government was safe, despite the White House and Pentagon planes...

Thanks for your views. Heaven knows I'm reelin' and appreciate any input on this verse!


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