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Originally Posted by TheFunkyDrummer View Post
The only reason Arsenal will always finish top 4 is because they have the best coach there is: Wenger. He makes players better and then the club has to sell them, because Arsenal is no longer the 'top' for them. Look at Robin van Persie, imo the greatest striker in the world. He was injured for years and Wenger kept his trust in him, he knew what he was capable of. Finally he had a whole season without injuries and he was scoring and delivering assists game after game. Instead of staying the Arsenal legend he was at that moment, he chose for the money (and with it ofcourse a big price). A huge blow to Arsenal fans. The reason Arsenal can no longer compete with the best in the PL is because they don't spend crazy money like Chelsea or Man City. How is it Tottenham Hotspur does not finish in the top 4 even though they keep buying new players and they have way, way more options than Arsenal? This year will be the same, even if Arsenal will not be buying new players. Gustavo is close to a transfer, hope to see him soon. I'd rather see Rooney than Suarez, but one of them would definitely be nice since Giroud is a blind horse and Podolski is too inconsistent.

Bale is extremely overrated. The guy can run and shoot. He will be the biggest flop in La Liga since technique is the biggest requirement in that competition.100 million, what a joke. If he really is the replacement for Ronaldo, I feel sorry for the management of Real Madrid. I think he will stay though, whether Bale comes or not.

Im surprised Bayern are considering letting Gustavo go
if Gustavo does go to Arsenal hopefully he becomes the next
id be very surprised if Rooney ended up at Arsenal
I see him going to Chelsea.

speaking of strikers.. Chelsea picked up Eto'o ??

Arsenal is a good team and they develop their players, but
sadly $$ wins over loyalty these days!

i think Real might include 2 players and cash that would equal the 100 euro for Bale!!

as for Quatar, ive been hearing UK might be a back up for the WC
a winter WC would really throw off the scheduling for club footy.

I really thought Turkey would be able to pull it off
I think maybe Morocco or Tunisia which is closer to Europe and have a good footy history
but they are considered African ?

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