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Originally Posted by shaolinsaga View Post
Anyone have this
No, But This (Unofficial Compilation)

Tracklist :

01. In My Life (feat Chi-King & Madam D)
02. Headline (feat Armel & Reverend William Burke)
03. 5th Chamber (feat Bronze Nazareth & Sean Price)
04. Honey Tree (feat Hell Razah, 60 Second Assassin & Madame D)
05. Ghetto Man (feat Buddah Monk, Murdoc & Shorty Shit Stain)
06. Spit That G (feat Cappadonna, Solomon Childs, Timbo King & Suga Bang Bang)
07. The Road
08. (You Want War) Shut Ya Trap (feat Iceman, Rayson & Chi-King)
09. Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo (feat ODB, Brooklyn Zu, Killah Priest & 60Second Assassin)
10. Get At Me (feat Black Knights & Shyheim)
11. Bankstas (feat 60 Second Assassin, Hell Razah & RZA)
12. Manhunt
13. Get Money (feat Inspectah Deck)
14. Re-Up (feat Shyheim)
15. Ghetto (feat Hell Razah)
16. Chrome Wheels (feat RZA, Raekwon & Madam D)
17. Strange Eyes (feat 60 Second Assassin & Blue Raspberry)
18. Lintballz (feat ODB, Poppa Chief, Hell Razah, Buddah Monk)
19. Rough Cut (feat GZA & Armel)
20. (First Thingz First) Shut Ya Trap (feat Brookyn Zu & Chi King)
21. U Remind Me (feat Shyheim)
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