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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" What seemed done, as they had only created what was not there, other actions where in their own purpose, how all seemed connected knowing that was to be imposed, though many had tried to receive, with only noticing their different aspects, was trying to give an escape route, for had a written grip that needed no explaining, now witnessed the agony, still had to tread on, with only the path that was one, saw different things, and still the essence was always there, both had chosen what was seen, many that tried not to know, the difference had to be taken, how others cheerished the potential, with the irritance that had begun to occur, trying very hard to get to know more, as was the gradual process of all things that where in cycle, many had stumbled on what they did not expect, which was exempted,and had to be accepted for what it represented, only to take care, as the distance inflicted its own distaste, yet had been fixed upon for a great while, not to be spoiled, whilst the smoke was suspended drifting continuously, those that had to be given their desired effect, now had to be implicated in various ways, yes and knew but kept very quiet, as inflicted was to manifest all, and continued to serve heaven".
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