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Originally Posted by HANZO View Post
Then the military coup happened, because the so-called liberals and Secularists in Egypt werent to happy with their government.
And I can't blame them. A war between hardline Islamists and secularists is inevitable. It has to happen. Unfortunately a lot of people will die, but in order for a true, pure democracy to function - these religious fundamentalists and sociopaths need to fall the fuck back. It's 2013. Obama is a tool for endorsing The Brotherhood. It's asinine because he knows damn well that they are incapable of remaining true to the principles of a representative democracy. What kind of mixed messages is he sending?

Originally Posted by Tony Bandana View Post
you dont want me coming around dressed in black homie
Originally Posted by TSA View Post
Honestly dude, this is why I want to go to hell. Hell is crackin.
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Did I scare you?
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