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Originally Posted by EAGLE EYE View Post
And I can't blame them. A war between hardline Islamists and secularists is inevitable. It has to happen. Unfortunately a lot of people will die, but in order for a true, pure democracy to function - these religious fundamentalists and sociopaths need to fall the fuck back. It's 2013. Obama is a tool for endorsing The Brotherhood. It's asinine because he knows damn well that they are incapable of remaining true to the principles of a representative democracy. What kind of mixed messages is he sending?
The Muslim brotherhood are not the heavy handed extremists they are painted to be. The reason why the MB is targeted so much because it is a political party that spans multiple nations. This pisses off some people in the Arab world for obvious reasons. If the MB win elections in more than one country its basically one party controlling countless countries so one mind frame. Yes there are radicals within the MB, and i wont deny the dangers of political Islam. Reason why a nation needs to be secular and there has to be a constitution that solidifies this. The problem Mursi had was he won the elections fair and square, the second party was the Salafists and the job fell to right wing islamic parties to run a democratically fresh country. It was never gonna work. Egypt needed a technocratic government for atleast 5 years and then make the transition to a representative democracy. Elections and constitutional amendments happened to quickly.

You cannot just ban Islamic political parties though, Egypt needs a secular constitution a strong one. They they need to let the party who wins do their job. Thats it, if an Islamic party wins the elections so be it, thats democracy. Turkey has had a so-called Islamist party run the country for the past 10 years, they have been by far the best and most democratic government the country has ever had. Ofcourse Turkey has become incredibly conservative in the past 10 years which is a worry, but it will never become an Islamic state as some fear.

With Egypt the militaries power has to be taken away, now they will release old dictator Mubarek. The signs aren't good as the Arab world backs the military for obvious reasons. If the brotherhood succeeded in Egypt the next country in the Arab world on the brink of revolution was Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's have made sure that the so-called Arab spring was a minor thing for the middle east. Egypt as a nation though wont recover, just like Syria wont. This is further sign that the Muslim nations of this world are truly pathetic, hypocrites to the bone.
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