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-ABOVE shaolin monk

Mystical arts formulate dartz lazer beam dots
I rock glocks on the metaphores you plot
ice pick your brain I stick thoughts
you talk loud on your phone screen
but quiet in a riot sparked
batter up heads off shoulders get knocked
for wrong doors crossed settle scores arms n legs chopped
fall short from reaching the top fucken tots
know not say they know alot old marks jot as they rot
I hate rots master clocks my mechanics knows no laws
big bang torn apart sickest cypher control the roc
plagued mind preys minds im ill blood spill
threw up on this shit quick establish dominace
extravigant transit mcs get smashed with intellegence massive
st. wise gangster in the visual active my super volcanic
scrips flow like magma through your strata
blast ya to smithereens my gamma ray burst
bust through your smoke screen
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