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ChristO crouching tiger

solid...this still relates.., my twin luciano managed to track me
tryin' a' have shit poppin' like fingertips do to acne
we philly-born, so any scorn to our origin
i suggested to him be met with a horrid ending
any mouth that contended, there's no chump i'm content with
letting just breathe without incident, I'm relentless
and that's just my word, my ghost gab'real
there's a lotta' rap 'til it's a wrap, went from fresh to stale
a lotta' traps this habitat manifest thru years
and decades back before i even made it here
the Father told 'em that they gon' get to C. him
they gotta' see me though, I was without tryin' a B. him
the bloods leaking from building 21, hunnid twelfth
martin luther jr. rose though, warned you we in He'll
they ain't dig beanie's profile though, a blind participant
the 5 percent was bent on rising from the dead
by '99, the problems though made the horizon glow
toxic as i walked schizzin', brushed it off like it's nonsense though
had to keep living, making a living, my pockets livid
this under-documented existence, me and mines lived it..
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