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Default Re: GZA on Advanced Pawns...

Originally Posted by RaE
....Peace ya'll...look at this, read this...

Scientists look at the magnitude of devestation..."Natural Disasters."

But the strands of heavy metal seem to have no relation..."Heavy Metal,"~Earth's Plates, metal can be found inside these plates; plates that some large continents sit on.
But as always attention for large scale disasters...known for their destruction in the case of an earthquake.

....Many was taken, just at the price of a pawn
The collective loss has left a thousand to mourn...

~which means innocent lives taken, "just at the price of a pawn."

....Just an' ill way of lookin' at it, 1ne.
PEACE GOD, nice way of looking at it. Very interesting.
The year 2002...the battle still with the WU
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