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Originally Posted by grt05 View Post
I don't think he needs to strive for the Wu sound. He just needs to do what he wants to do...make music he likes.
AMEN!!! I will send you a FREE COPY of this EP with an additional gift. Email me at with your info.

It's crazy how many people expect him to go the same route as his father when it comes to making music. SG is going to develop into a great artist and will have a very well respected career. Where he is in life at this very moment, that is the kind of music he is making. When one will listen to the EP from start to finish, people will realize he made a dope project.

We have already started working on the follow up, I can't even explain how much better he is getting at song writing and coming up with concepts for the new project.

I met SG and his team at RTB last year in Jersey, it took a lot of building with SG and his team to bring this to you folks. I'm truly proud of this EP. I wish I taped the making of cause that alone would have been something to share with ya.

Thanks to all that are supporting and providing feedback.


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