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Originally Posted by soob View Post
Maybe it is a good move for a marketing perspective, but Wu don't need dumb niggaz listening to their music. Y'all know what kind of "hip-hopers" listen to Drake.
In fact this the whole idea of conversion, by attracting the dumb to wake them up. I think half of you are just on the diss a wack/pop rapper bang wagon, just to hide your own wackness or some shit. I dont listen to Drake his musics mostly not to my taste, but damn this is a good move for Wu and great to see him giving them props. This can only be a good thing whether you like him or not. Sometimes some of you actually sound a bit too like you wana be men manly rather than.just be,thats kinda gay in itself. If Drake wana apppeal more to women, this is not gay to me, means he would rather nit have a bunch of dudes at his show "trying" to act all tough and manly. What you rather at your show visuallly huh? Thats what most the haters on this page looking like to me. Relax dudes, hate him or love himthis a good move. Peace
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